Giving chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift to a loved one has been a long standing tradition for many people. Chocolates provide a good way to make a sweet moment a memorable one.

To help your partner feel the love this Valentine season, go to the French chocolatier and look for their chocolate gift packages called Touche and Je T’Aime (French for “I love you”). Both of these exquisite gifts consist of twelve chocolate hearts arranged in combinations of four types of different chocolates in elegant packages.

These chocolates are made from the finest French creams and butters and the purest cocoa butter from beans harvested around the world. These are carefully blended to create exceptional flavors and divine textures. These chocolates are made by hand, preserving a high cocoa content and using no preservatives and very little sugar. The result is a selection of French chocolates with more intense flavors and a longer finish than other varieties.

The twelve chocolates include a milk chocolate Supreme hazelnut praline, a black Mystique vanilla Bourbon caramel, a white toquade filled with chocolate ganache and a red Amour ganache scented with Bergamot. The sensuous flavor of fine European chocolate is within your partner’s reach. These Valentine’s gifts are elegantly packed either in a beautiful Mahogany box, or in a golden box with a heart theme and Je t’aime imprinted on the top.

Your beloved will appreciate this truly unique hand made gift.

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